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Outra rom COSMIC

cosmic rom

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Mensagem publicada 29 October 2013 - 20:58

1.) Cosmic Rom is the simple but the advanced rom for our S Dous.
2.) This rom is based on 4.0.4 stock rom [ it is modded to a great extend ]
3.) It is created by me using free apps [ as we all know warez r not allowed - fourm rulez ] [please follow them too]
4.) All the apps used in development of rom are free and are opened sourced...
5.) I am not copyrighting my rom ....... u can use any part of my rom but first take my permissions & then if u get permissions then the only thing left is credits.......
6) Do not mirror my roms & patches....[otherwise u know what i can do ]
7.) I have added credits to the people without them this rom was not possible........[refer the credit section ]

8.) Please if u found any warez in my rom - first post here or PM me then if i m not replying to ur PM's then only take the things to MOD'S.....
9.) Cheatman's kernel is included in the Rom ...

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#2 rui morais

rui morais


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Mensagem publicada 18 November 2013 - 16:02

Boas já alguém testou ?