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[CWM]Aroma File manager com terminal

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Mensagem publicada 25 October 2012 - 15:47

The World's First ANDROID Recovery Based Filemanager

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Android Recovery was powerfull system. But it was pain when it come to managing your filesystem

But now AROMA Filemanager is available for everyone to do this common tasks.

How To Use?

Copy the zip into your sdcard, then reboot your device into recovery mode. Choose install from sdcard, then select the AROMA Filemanager ZIP. The file manager will starting, and you are ready to managing your filesystem (copy, cut, delete, make new folder, etc) while you are in recovery.

Screen Shoots

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Imagem colocada Imagem colocada Imagem colocada
Imagem colocada Imagem colocada Imagem colocada

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Changelog e downloads:

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Version 1.80 - CALUNG


Recent Changelogs:

  • CALUNG - 1.80 - BUILD 121017-007
  • Add TERMINAL EMULATOR - Select Menu -> Open Console Imagem colocada Imagem colocada Imagem colocada
  • TERMINAL Support Color and Other escape characters, you can even run vi or nano in this awesome terminal console - It's on recovery you know Imagem colocada
  • Add more icons in iconset for IME and Terminal Icons
  • Fix stuck when changing directory and Fix some corrupted memory access
  • Add Tap and Hold on IME
  • Rearrange IME Special Characters
  • Add fixed font for terminal - and future used (Editor). I choice consolas.
  • Some Tweaks here and There....
  • BONANG- 1.50 - BUILD 121011-006
  • Add Chmod/Change Permission - Tap & Hold the File Imagem colocada Imagem colocada
  • Add SetUID, SetGID, Sticky info in file list : rwxrwxrwx -- --S--S--T Imagem colocada
  • Change png resize from nearest neighbor to bilinear scale - Now the icons is smoother on XHDPI device even if the png icon was in lowres. http://forum.xda-dev...milies/good.gif
  • Remove calibration button on settings
  • Add bma150 to blacklist input device, and improve some touch handler
  • Remove ICS Theme and Add new Holo Light Theme (will add Holo Dark Soon)
  • Modify languages file -- Now Please submit your new language files for next version release
  • ANGKLUNG - 1.21 - BUILD 121004-005
  • Fix capacitive button
  • ANGKLUNG - 1.20 - BUILD 121003-004
  • Completely new Input/Touchscreen Handler - Thanks to agrabren from TWRP
  • Remove all calibration need.[/COLOR]. http://forum.xda-dev...ilies/smile.gif
  • ANGKLUNG - 1.01 - BUILD 120810-003
  • Supported Galaxy Nexus Touch Screen - And maybe other devices now supported
  • ANGKLUNG - 1.00 - BUILD 120510-002
  • Add 107 (KEY_END) For Power Button - defy
  • Fix Tick Count - System tick time (CLOCK_MONOTONIC)
  • Fix copy/move/delete progress bar not updated in some recoveries
  • New dithering method, Better color looks, specially for standard RGB LCD subpixel order
  • Minimalizing ondraw footprint memory
  • ANGKLUNG - 1.00 - BUILD 120510-001
  • Initial Release
  • Support Multilanguage
  • Support Theme
  • Support Iconset
  • Support Custom Fonts
  • Customizable
  • New AROMA UI Calibration Method

Fonte: XDA Developers

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Muito bom!

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